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  • Who won the F1 Driver's Championship in 2017?
  • Which Constructor holds the record for the most wins in a season?
  • Which is the shortest F1 circuit?

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Lewis Hamilton won his fourth World Championship in 2017. He became the youngest ever World Champion in 2008 when he drove for McLaren and won by just one point. In a nail-biting final Brazil GP Hamilton needed to finish at least fifth to beat Felipe Massa. After switching to Mercedes he won his second title in 2014 beating second-place teammate Nico Rosberg by 67 points. A year later he won his third title as well as ten GPs over the season.

The first Constructors' Championship, won by Vanwall, was in 1958 and consisted of just 11 races. As time has gone on more races have been added. The 2016 season had 21 races and Mercedes won 19 of them. They missed out on the Spanish GP when Hamilton and Rosberg collided and both cars retired. At the Malaysian GP Hamilton retired with engine failure and Rosberg finished third after a collision at the start.

The shortest circuit still in use is the Curcuit de Monaco. First used in 1929 there have been several changes through the years, but today it is famous as one of the most difficult and exciting tracks. It is 3.337km (2.074 miles) long and has 19 turns, that's slightly longer than the original 1929 circuit (3.145 km) which had 14 turns.

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